Kunstonzinnigheid 7

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Kunstonzinnigheid 7
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Foto Specs

Datum: 07 april 2011

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Nikon DX AF-S Nikor 18x55mm

Settings: Diafragma f/22, ISO L0.3 Witbalans 3000K

Bewerking: -

Ik wil deze foto kopen

Alle foto's die hier op Nachtfotos net staan zijn verkleind tot 728 pixels breed. Als je de foto`s voor wat voor doeleinden online wenst te gebruiken, prima geen probleem, al stel ik het wel heel erg op prijs als je een linkje naar deze site plaatst indien je deze foto ergens online gebruikt.

De originele foto's (4288x2848x24b) zijn te bestellen voor € 9,95. Na betaling via PayPal ontvangt je deze de hoog resolutie foto zonder per e-mail.



  schreef op 14 april 2012:
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  schreef op 12 april 2012:
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  schreef op 12 april 2012:
I am very sad to hear she's gone. I know she had a couple of young clhidren and a doting husband. had a few e-mail exchanges with her and was hoping to someday meet her in person when my travels take me to that part of the woods. I guess that's what happens when we put things off, especially as i suspected from her descriptions of the treatments she was undergoing that her cancer was terminal. Was always amazed at what a life force she had and how easily she could cut through all kinds of bull (even mine). She seemed like a kind as well as a passionate person, with many talents (check the recipes on her web site!) and certainly no push-over. Most hasbara types would fizzle in no time, when subjected to her ire.Here's a comforting thought to all who miss her : according to my new religion (The Matrix, as in we are all simulations ), certain programs are brought back periodically like a variation on a theme*. Since there are indications (flimsy ones!) that the matrix occasionally borrows ideas from some of its own semi-autonomous sub-routines, I'll see what I can do about the most commendable Leila program. _____* ps: just think witty and you'll become a convert too.


  schreef op 17 april 2011:
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  schreef op 15 april 2011:
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  schreef op 14 april 2011:
Your story was really inofrmative, thanks!

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